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Top Online Bingo Winners

by Paul Marion on August 19, 2011

Here at Bingo HQ we love highlighting big winners from across leading online bingo sites – we have searched all the leading UK operators and put together this amazing list of top bingo winners from August 1st to present.

top bingo winners

This is a great measure for new bingo players to see what type of prizes can be won playing online – not all sites offer these type of life changing prizes, but the ones below sure do. It’s a good bet, if you’re after colossal prizes, these sites be part of your regular visited places to play bingo!

Paddy BingoPaddy Bingo Review
18-Aug-11 Tombolatombola Bingo Review
Ahmad J£12,60018-Aug-11 Jackpotjoy BingoJackpotjoy Bingo review
fizzysmum£11,27110-Aug-11Tombolatombola Bingo Review
15-Aug-11Tombolatombola Bingo Review
mattysmum£10,00018-Aug-11Tombolatombola Bingo Review
dolphinfox£6,00010-Aug-11Foxy Bingofoxy bingo review

To be honest, when we came up to curate the top online bingo winners from leading sites list, we thought there would be more life changing prizes awarded.

For instance, Gala Bingo, Costa Bingo, Wink Bingo, and Foxy Bingo which have traditionally bee n known for life changing prizes, have not displayed any of their big winners.

This could be that their webmasters are on vacation and forgot to update the site or they just haven’t been offering life changing prizes in August.

There’s at least 10 more days left in the month and we hope to see more UK bingo players walk away with life changing prizes playing bingo online at today’s top sites.


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Bingo and Games August 19, 2011 at 10:03 pm

The winner list u provide is nice, congratulation to all player and best of luck.
Their are too many site where bingo player can try luck and get lots of prize money..

Best of Luck to All

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