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Top Tombola Winners in December

by Paul Marion on December 20, 2011

Tis the season of winning colossal cash prizes at Tombola. So far in December, their winner’s page is jam packed with recent big wins ranging from £1,000 to £20,000 lucky winners.

Tombola Winners

No other site comes close to Tombola’s frequency of prize giveaways and size so it’s only fitting that you pay them a visit when the urge for lardy size pots calls.

Tombola’s Biggie Winners

Meet the 11 lucky Tombola members that have won £10,000+ in December.

AliasPrize WonGameDate
sewzee67£15,061Bingo 9019-Dec-11
dallypants£14,437Bingo 9015-Dec-11
allan07£12,772Bingo 9013-Dec-11
melsharman£11,671Bingo 9005-Dec-11
dabbhappy£11,028Bingo 9002-Dec-11
pete124522£10,842Bingo 9009-Dec-11
pergeot£10,822Bingo 9003-Dec-11
dacr1234£10,343Bingo 9016-Dec-11

Each time we compare the top online bingo winners celebrated from today’s leading brands, Tombola is always on top.

Here are the Key Games With Biggie Prizes

To further improve your odds of walking away with a lardy size pot, here are the games that seem to make Tombola’s accounting department nervous (that was a joke):

[SlideDeck id=’3574′ width=’100%’ height=’350px’]

Congratulations to all the lucky Tombola winners so far in the month of December. We hope to see your name on the winner’s board at Tombola soon.

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