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UK Bingo Calls – Your Complete List of Bingo Terms

by Paul Marion on October 20, 2011

British Bingo caller90 Ball bingo also know as UK Bingo, has very distinct bingo calls when compared to traditional 75 ball bingo. Where in 75 ball bingo, numbers are simply counted as B1, B2, O 65, but the UK Bingo call is slightly more cheeky and fun.

Below you’ll find a list of the complete UK Bingo Calls from 1 to 90 which was developed in the 1950s. But these terms are slowly being replaced by more hip and relevant phrases in an effort to attract more of a younger audience to the game of bingo whether it’s in UK bingo halls or online.

For example, the classic phrase for number 71 is Bang on the Drum.  But a chap by the name of Charlie Blake is pushing the boundaries and trying to make some head wave by changing some old phrases with new ones that are more up to date with social changes and in some circles; 71 “Bang on the Drum” is also known as “J-Lo’s Bum”.

British Bingo Calls

Here are your UK Bingo caller terms – we’ve included both traditional and also well known options

  1. Kelly’s Eye / Number one, just begun / On its Own / Start the Game / Buttered Scone / At the Beginning
  2. One Little Duck / Baby’s Done It / Me and You / Buckle My Shoe
  3. Cup of Tea / One Little Flea / Monkey on the Tree / Dixie Lee / You and Me
  4. Knock at the Door / On the Foor
  5. Man Alive / Jack’s alive
  6. Just a Click / Tom’s Tricks / Tom Mix / Chopsticks
  7. Lucky Seven / God’s in Heaven / David Beckham / Hope in Heaven
  8. One Fat Lady / The Garden Gate / Gareth Gates
  9. Doctor’s Orders (“Number 9 pill”)
  10. Gordon’s Den (forename of current prime minister) / Big Ben / cock and hen / Downing Street
  11. Chicken Legs / Legs Eleven
  12. One Dozen / Monkey’s Cousin
  13. Unlucky for Some / Lucky for Some
  14. Valentine’s Day
  15. Young and keen / Rugby team
  16. Sweet Sixteen / Never been Kissed
  17. Dancing Queen / Often been Kissed
  18. Coming of Age / Now you can Vote
  19. Goodbye Teens
  20. One Score / Getting Plenty
  21. Key of the Door / Royal Salute
  22. Two Little Ducks / all the twos / dinky doo
  23. Thee and Me / A Duck and a Flea
  24. Two Dozen / Do You Want Some More / Did You Score
  25. Duck and Dive
  26. Half a Crown / Pick and Mix / Bed and Breakfast
  27. Gateway to Heaven / Little Duck with a Crotch
  28. Overweight / In a State / Duck and it’s Weight
  29. You’re Doing Fine / In Your Prime
  30. Dirty Gertie / Speed Limit / Your Face is Dirty / Ali G
  31. Get Up and Run
  32. Buckle My Shoe / Jimmy Choo
  33. Dirty Knee / Gertie Lee / Dirty Flees / Come in For Ya Tea / all the threes / Feathers
  34. Ask for More / Dirty Whore
  35. Jump and Jive
  36. Three Dozen
  37. More Than Eleven
  38. You’re Late!!/Top Date!
  39. All the steps (Novel “The Thirty-Nine Steps”)
  40. Naughty Forty / Life Begins At
  41. Time for Fun / Life’s Begun
  42. Winnie the Pooh / The most famous street in Manhattan
  43. Down on your Knees
  44. All the Fours / Droopy Drawers / Open Two Doors
  45. Halfway There
  46. Up to Tricks
  47. Four and Seven
  48. Four Dozen
  49. Copper / Nice and Shine
  50. Bulls eye / Blind 50 / Halfway House / Hawaii
  51. Tweak of the Thumb
  52. Danny La Rue / Chicken Vindaloo / Weeks in a Year
  53. Stuck in the Tree / The Joker / Feng Shui
  54. Clean the Floor
  55. Snakes Alive / All the Fives
  56. Was she worth it?
  57. Heinz Varieties
  58. Make Them Wait
  59. Brighton Line
  60. Five Dozen / Three Score
  61. Baker’s Bun
  62. Turn to the Screw
  63. Tickle Me
  64. Red Raw/ knock on the door/ you’re poor/ cats paw
  65. Old Age Pension / Stop Work
  66. Clickety-Click / All the sixes
  67. Made in Heaven
  68. Saving Grace
  69. Thats Rude / Two can chew
  70. Three Score & 10
  71. Bang on the Drum / J-lo’s Bum
  72. In for a Poo
  73. Queen B / Crutch and a Flea
  74. Candy Store / Grandmama of Bingo
  75. Strive & Strive / On the Skive
  76. 7 and 6 – Was she worth it? / Trombones
  77. All the sevens / Seventy plus Seven
  78. Heaven’s Gate
  79. One More Time / Seventy plus nine
  80. Four Score / Ghandi’s Breakfast
  81. Stop and Run / Cinnamon Bun
  82. Straight on Through / Fat Lady and a Duck
  83. Time for Tea / Fat Lady and a Flea
  84. Seven Dozen
  85. Staying Alive
  86. Between the Sticks / Dogs dicks
  87. Fat Lady with a Crutch / Fat Lady with a Cane
  88. Two Fat Ladies / All the eights
  89. All But One
  90. Top of the Shop / Top of the House / As Far As We Go / End of the Line
The above are the most common UK bingo lingos used in local bingo clubs and leading UK online bingo sites. With time, these classic British Bingo calls will be changed and tweaked to be more aligned with social changes and in an effort to attract a younger audience. If you want to host your own bingo game amongst friends, feel free to be creative and come up with your own bingo call terms.
Here at BingoHQ, we would love to see a UK bingo site enable the option for players to have their own UK bingo lingos for their game. Perhaps, a good start would be to enable different options for bingo calls, classic vs. new terms. This could be a fun way to further enhance the players experience and allow for more personalisation when it comes to play online.

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