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Variety of Bingo Games at Leading UK Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on July 8, 2011

With greater competition amongst UK online bingo sites today, bingo players such as yourself are benefiting from very exciting bingo offers and different types of games.

Here’s a recap of some of the current bingo games offered today across leading bingo sites in the UK.

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Type of Bingo Games

Bingo 75
The traditional style of bingo games is the popular bingo type across the pond with our US and Canadian friends.

How to Play: A typical game has a certain pattern that you need to daub on your card – the first player to daub the patterns wins in 75 calls or less.

Bingo 90
90 Ball bingo is what online bingo here in the UK is about – it’s offered by all the leading sites as this is the most popular form of online bingo.

How to Play: In 90 ball bingo, each bingo card has 3 horizontal lines and 9 columns with each line contains 5 numbers for a total of 15 numbers per card.

The fun part of 90 ball bingo is that you get 3 chances to bingo per game vs. the traditional 75 ball bingo.

While Bingo 75 has one single pattern that you need to cover to bingo, in 90 ball bingo, you have the chance of 3 wins.

  • 1st game is always a line pattern – usually set as a consolation bingo prizes.
  • 2nd game is a 2 lines pattern – with another consolation prize but higher win than the 1 line.
  • The full house which is when you cover all your numbers it the biggest prize line of the 3.

Bingo 80 Ball
Say what? A new type of bingo game recently introduced by online bingo sites to be somewhat of a middle ground between bingo 75 and 90 ball – also known as shutterboard bingo.

Tombola bingo is one of the leading sites that offers bingo 80 ball. They offer 2 80 ball bingo rooms;: Peach and Cream.

Other Type of Bingo Games

We all know bingo is a game of chance – but sometimes, does pesky numbers don’t fall your way and if this happens over several games, you could get discouraged playing.

To offset this, top UK bingo sites, have introduced new consolation prizes around each game to give their members more chance to win other than just the regular bingo win.

Here are some of the best consolation prizes being offered today:

1 TG
It’s simple – how many times have you been playing bingo, but just needed that 1 number to claim bingo? It happens way too often, I’m sure.

Well, today, you’ll find 1 TG special sessions – if you had 1 TG and didn’t win, some sites now give you a consolation prize ranging from £1 and above per game.

An equivalent to a high street sale, buy 1 get 1 free is a great example of bargain bingo – where you get 1 card free for every card you play.

The key is – the more cards you play, the more cards you get free and thus improve your odds at shouting at Bingo!

Cash Back Incentives

Sites like Cheeky Bingo UK have introduced cashback promos to further reward their members for playing at their site. So if you didn’t have a lucky week, you can rest assure, you’ll receive 5% of your previous week’s spend.

cheeky bingo offer

Another favourite bingo site of ours, Foxy Bingo UK offers a cashback incentive – At Foxy Bingo, they know your pain and how bad it feels when you play and play and don’t seem to be lucky enough to get a bingo.

To help you get rid of those bingo blues, each time you play 5 games in a row, Foxy will give you 10% of your losses back.

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