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Want More Bingo Wins?

by Paul Marion on August 23, 2011

A warm and sunny welcome to you – actually more like a cozy, raining summer day to you. What happened to our Summer Sun?

Though we don’t have any tips or suggestions to help you wether the rainy days, we do have some valuable tips to help you Bingo more often at your favourite online bingo sites.

Tips, tips, tips. That’s what we’re about here at Bingo HQ. They pour out of our ears. (Must see the Bingo doc.).

how to bingo more often

Okay on a serious note, Bingo is fun, but it’s even more fun when you Bingo on a lardy size pot. No need to hide around the bush on this one. If you play Bingo, you love to win those juicy, biggie prize as often as possible without being put on the Most Hated List by your fellow players.

What’s better than winning a bingo? Well, it’s winning 2 or more. So it’s our hope these tips will help you find great riches in online bingo.

OK, so some sites out there give you whoopy-mungus jackpots. With about a gazillion-to-one chance of winning. So, stick with us, cos you might actually have a shot at some prize money by learning to discover the best bingo games out there (check out the bingo reviews page)

The other day, we shared some of our valuable tips on  – so be sure to check our full article there. But since you’re here, we got some quick tid bid of tips for you to use right now.

The key secret to more bingo wins, is a Positive attitude. This is very important. Here’s what we shared with the Bingo Mania community the other day:

This is a very powerful way to win more playing online bingo. It has to do with the law of attraction which is from the popular book “the secret” – what you think about most, you’ll receive in life. In other words, your thoughts become things. It’s a very simple, but yet powerful law that philosophers and successful people have used to attract wealth in their life.

So if you want more bingo, you need to change your attitude from this:

“I never bingo”.
“The same bingo players keep winning”.
“I have never won a big jackpot”.
“I’m not as lucky as other players who keep winning”.
“How come I can’t ever bingo”.

A more positive attitude would be:

“I am a lucky bingo player. I attract all the biggest jackpots”.
“I love playing bingo online, because I tend to win frequently”.
“Every game I play, I believe I can a bingo”.

Remember, your thoughts become things. If you think you’ll never win, well, you’ll never win. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll see your odds improve drastically.

Honestly, there’s nothing more important than having a positive attitude when you play online bingo. Let’s say, you’re after Costa Bingo’s £10,000 Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot, here’s how you can put the power of positive attitude to use:

  1. Say out loud what you want or better yet, write it down “I want to win the £10,000 Guaranteed bingo game at Costa Bingo on (insert date here)”
  2. Close your eyes and visualise yourself playing this game, sitting behind your computer, watching your numbers being called, seeing your cards daubed and your final winning number called and most important, see yourself in position of that £10,000 bingo game win!
  3. Then open your eyes and feel like you have already this £10,000 bingo win your position and tell yourself, I’m a lucky Bingo winner, I always attract those big wins!
  4. Then when you play on your scheduled day, be positive and remember this feeling. This is what’s known as the law of attraction.
Check out our complete tips on how to bingo more often playing online bingo

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Luci May 27, 2012 at 10:54 pm

I absolutely believe in the law of attraction and have won and recieved things not only on bingo but in my life in general from it. Others may tend to scorn the concept, or laugh and call it ‘hippy-dippy’; and thats fine! If they dont believe it, they wont have the positive attitude and will continue to not win 😛
However, I do think there are other more practical elements of getting more wins, most of which you have listed in your ‘repeat winners’ article. I agree its important to know the right times to play; when there are fewer players in the room usually later at night or a weekday. Also Its best to stick to one site, at least at first.. this way you get to know the sites chat games and rooms well.. not to mention you get to know other players.. as surely the main purpose is just to have fun! 🙂
I currently use King Jackpot Bingo and am interested to see you dont have it listed.. I would highly recommend it; its got a very interactive approach and is simple to use. Also they have bonus bucks which are fab if you run out of deposit for a bit.

linda December 9, 2014 at 5:36 pm

How I would love to know how to win every visi

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