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We Want Bingo

by Paul Marion on October 9, 2011

We Want Bingo, but then again who doesn’t right? Well, though this is a common expression amongst bingo players, you’ll be happy to know that a brand new bingo site is about to launch named “We Want Bingo”.

we want bingo

As of writing everything surrounding We Want Bingo  is a rumour and not that many facts are available. Nonetheless, when a new bingo site is about to launch, there’s huge frenzy in the UK bingo scene.

Address: it’s not clear if the web address will be or

Why There’s Always Buzz Around New Sites

The popularity of new bingo sites is at a record high amongst bingo players for several key reasons:

  1. More free bonuses from new bingo sites vs. established bingo sites
  2. Better odds and probability – less players per game, gives you a better chance to win
  3. Something new – sometimes we want to be surprised and delighted and new sites have as of recent done a great job in this area

We Want Bingo Wish List

As we previously suggested for the upcoming Lippy Bingo site, here are a few additional suggestions we would love to see from We Want Bingo site:

  • A public coming soon page so we can start to get a feel for the look and feel of the new brand
  • An email sign up form for curious newbies to take advantage of exclusive first offer when we want bingo launches
  • A bingo blog that discusses the pre-launch events and  further creates buzz around the official launch of We Want Bingo
  • A bold offer – what if all newbies get £20 free no deposit bingo but without any deposit requirement for cash out? You can create tons of buzz with a bold offer like this. We Can Bingo can limit this to the first 500 players who sign up or setup tiered perks (see below).
The Best No Deposit Bingo Offer  (our suggestion to We Want Bingo):
  • Give all newbies £20 who sign up.
  • Let them wager and cash out up to £50 in cash prizes
  • You can setup tiers: first 100 players receive
OfferLimitCash Out1st Time Free Bonus
£25 Free1st 100 membersmax £75500% free bonus
£20 Free101 - 300 membersmax £50400% free bonus
£10 Free301 to 1000 membersmax £35350% free bonus
We know, all new bingo sites have an advertising budget and most of this is wasted on poor campaigns. Instead, we would love to see new bingo sites like We Want Bingo to launch with a bold and remarkable campaign that will help the upcoming new site to stand out from the crowed:
  • excitement
  • will help establish trust with We Want Bingo
  • generate word of mouth
  • help We Want Bingo to stand out from the rest of the bingo sites
Stay tuned – as soon as We Want Bingo launches, you’ll be first to know – that is if you take 30 seconds to sign up for the Bingo HQ family email list to the right.
Don’t be shy – please go ahead and while you’re at it. Why not give the Bingo HQ Facebook like a clicky-click – you never know, it might bring you that added bingo luck 😉

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christine July 14, 2012 at 8:09 pm

would like to know if we want bingo is a actul site as i have won on a scratch card and have noticed so have others and they have not been able to claim. If this is a scam how would one go about reportin these time wasters

Paul Marion July 18, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Hi Christine, yes We Want Bingo is an actual site and is partnered with Jackpotjoy Bingo. In other words, it’s the same site as Jackpotjoy but with it’s own website.

My apologies, I mislead you earlier. We’re not too sure about We Want Bingo as they are a new website.Did you try calling them on 08000 516 412?

In terms of dispute, I would first start by contacting their support team at the toll free above.

If that didn’t work, they seem to have their license in under Casava which you can find them a white label partner

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Niall Scott December 10, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Absolute PISH!I,ve won a scratchcard and can,t claim

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