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What’s the Best Free Bingo Site?

by Paul Marion on July 30, 2013

Had a hard day? In need of a pick-me-up? There’s nothing like a game of bingo to bring a smile to your face. The camaraderie of the bingo hall and the adrenaline shot that the game gives you can lift the dullest day. Who wouldn’t want to play?

Bingocams Free Bingo Site

These days, many people play their bingo online. Life can be very busy, making it difficult to get to a bingo hall. Also, very few bingo halls will be open if you want to play at three in the morning! So if you have decided that you’d like to play online bingo, what should you look for in a site?

Here at Bingo HQ, we have written extensively in the past on the importance of finding a site with a difference. Here are some of the key factors.

Play for Free

Lots of sites will offer you chances to play for free. Many will let you chat with fellow players and offer you bonuses. However, there can be catches. Some sites only offer bonuses when you sign up, while others may have bonuses on top of this but they may be hard to withdraw. Some sites demand that you make a deposit before you can withdraw any winnings. So it’s important to read the terms carefully and be aware of the small print before you start playing.

A Site with a Difference

There is a free online bingo site that’s a bit different and that site is Bingocams. You’ll find it at As you might gather from the name, one of Bingocams’ big differences is webcams! Players use webcams to effectively recreate the bingo-hall experience – you can see your fellow players and they can see you (although you can play without your webcam if you prefer). Bingocams also gives bonuses for the best winner celebrations captured on webcam. Given that Bingocams is the only webcam bingo site in the UK, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another site that will reward you just for celebrating! Bingocams prides itself on its fun, friendly community spirit – the very qualities that make many people play bingo in the first place.


There are other innovations on the Bingocams site. There’s the unique ‘bouncing bonus’ and lots of special-event, promotional and themed games. Bingocams offers a whole range of bonuses. For example, when you make your first deposit, Bingocams will immediately give you a 300% bonus and from then on you can get a reload bonus, meaning that further deposits earn you a 50% bonus up to £125. As long as you fulfill a few relevant conditions, Bingocams will let you unlock your bonus money and withdraw it. You even get extra bonuses just for signing up for the Bingocams newsletter.

Before you deposit a penny, Bingocams will give you a £5 bonus just for signing up. So you can try out the site and the games for free, without any commitment.

As a free online bingo site that is committed to clear communication, Bingocams lets you have in-depth views of your account, bonuses, wagers, etc. — all on a single screen and available at any time. Their customer support staffs are helpful and easy to contact and keep the atmosphere fun and friendly. So if you fancy a pick-me-up, what are you waiting for? Hurry on over to Bingocams and start enjoying online bingo today.

If you still haven’t tried this unique site, we highly recommend. See our past post about the free bingo games at Bingocams.

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