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William Hill Bingo £750,000 Jackpot Share-Out Event

by Paul Marion on November 1, 2011

play at William Hill BingoHow is William Hill Bingo going to stand out after last month’s 31 car giveaway in 31 days? Well, it seems they’re injecting even more prizes for their members to play and win during the first week of November.

It’s no surprise how competitive the UK bingo market has gotten this year with the addition of several top notch new bingo sites. So it’s only fitting to see established brands like Will Hill Bingo up the ante in the prize giveaway column.

Will Hill Bingo’s £750,000 Jackpot Share Event

Until this Friday, November 4th, every night inside the Will Hill community bingo room, you have a chance to win up to £50,000 in bonuses per game to share with your Will Hill Roomies. Now this is what we call a bonus-a-licious event. 

William Hill Share

When we first heard of this event, we also thought it was a bit strange that this much bonus is up for grabs instead of a real cash prize event. This is surely a fantastic event and is aimed to be a community driven special.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each night @ 8:04pm, 8:34pm and 8:58pm
  2. Inside the Community Room
  3. You’ll have a chance to play for £50,000 jackpot game – see below for the calls
  4. The winner of the game will win £200 cash
  5. And depending what number you bingo’d on, you’ll get that prize in bonuses that will be shared with your roomies.
  6. Tickets cost 50p each

William Hill prize chart

Login to William Hill Bingo to Enjoy.

If you haven’t yet opened an account with Will Hill Bingo, do only so if you love to play an established site, that awards you tons of bingo prizes including life changing guaranteed bingo games.

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