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Wink Bingo Promotion Codes

by Paul Marion on June 30, 2011

You love “Wink Bingo“, right? Who doesn’t – they’re cheeky and they’ve built a solid reputation for hosting some of the top bingo promotions around. So it’s no surprise that you’ve come here looking for Wink Bingo promotion Codes to better your odds at scooping the best possible deal.

wink promotion code

Without further ado, here you have it:

Thur30th June1 x 80% free bonus on deposit £10 - £100MURRAY1Play Now
Fri1st July1 x 80% free bonus on deposit £10 - £100MURRAY2Play Now
Sat2nd July1 x 85% free bonus on deposit £10 - £100MURRAY3Play Now
Sun3rd July1 x 90% free bonus on deposit £10 - £100MURRAY4Play Now
Mon4th July1 x 85% free bonus on deposit £10 - £100MURRAY5Play Now

Valuable T!P

  1. Bonus codes are valid from 12:01am to 11:59pm EST on the days outlined above. And the bonus code is only applicable on one deposit.
  2. T!P: if you want to extend your playtime and have the best possible odd, then deposit a higher amount.

Here’s Why:
The Bigger Amount You Deposit, The More Bonus You Get

£1080%£8 free bonus
£2080%£16 free bonus
£10095%£95 free bonus (giving you £195 to play with)

winkbingo free offerWink Bingo Promos (June 30th to July 4th)

There’s more madness at Wink Bingo UK this weekend with just more than pomo code bonuses. For instance, once you’ve loaded your account and taken advantage of the Wink Bingo Promotion Codes, use your extra playing credit to better your odd at these promos:

  • Between the Sheet – Wet & Wild (naughty 😉
  • Wimbledon Promo – Groan, Sweat, Match
  • IG of the Weekend

Visit Wink Bingo Now to Enjoy – Good luck and Have Fun!

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