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WinkBingo £1 Million Online Bingo Game

by Paul Marion on January 19, 2009

Have you played a £1 Million online bingo game before? Imagine, how it must feel to play a game with such a big prize pot. And now imagine, how it must feel to shout out bingo when you win a £1 Million game. Today, we see more and more bingoonline sites raise the bar in prizes and no deposit bingo bonuses to position themselves as the most winning site with the best bingo offer.

The folks over at winkbingo are one of the bingo sites who have raised the bar, way up actually with their guaranteed weekly and monthly online bingo games from £10,000 to a exhillarating £1 Million prize on Fridays.


The Fine Point on the 1 million Game at

Every Friday, at 9:15pm (not a minute sooner or later), you’ll get your hearth rate elevated for 3 minutes while playing for the life changing £1 Million cash prize. BUT – you know this is not a guaranteed £1 Million bingo game; nevertheless there’s always a chance of walking away with a 1,000,000 prize.

The game kicks off with at £1,000,000, then after a certain number of calls (given WinkBingo doesn’t clarify this on their site, we think it’s between 30 to 40 calls), the prize drops with every call. And, once the game prize hits £1,000 it will stay there till someone claims bingo!

Game Details:

  • When: Every Fridat at 9.15pm GMT
  • Where: 75 Jackpots Tab > 1M Club Jackpot Room
  • Price per card: £1
  • Minimum amount of cards per player: 5
  • Maximum amount of cards per player: 24
  • Pre-Buy: Yes
  • Site:

How much will be won?

The maximum you can sweep is £1 Million and the lowest a guaranteed minimum of £1,000. 

There you have it, who will be the next bingo millionaire?

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