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Wonder Bingo The Year’s Best New Bingo Site?

by Paul Marion on October 20, 2011

Watch out UK bingo fans, Wonder Bingo, one of the year’s most outstanding New Bingo Sites has been making a splash since launching back in August. Here on Bingo HQ, we have reviewed Wonder Bingo throughly and have highlighted why we believe this brand new site is one to be recon with and one that bingo lovers should at least try out.

Wonder Bingo

First off, WonderBingo gives you something different from any other bingo site currently in the UK. Since most players enjoy spreading their time on multiple sites, we recommend one of these sites you regularly play on be WonderBingo. Here are some key reasons why you will really enjoy your time at this new community:

  1. Unique Bingo Features
  2. Currently the best online bingo that has mimicked the best of Facebook bingo games social mechanics
  3. Superb Promotions from £5 no deposit bingo to exciting reload deposit bonuses
  4. Unique features like the Wonder Bonus Wheel
  5. Nominated for 3 EGR awards in 2011
  6. Key Sponsor of the Alan Titchmarsh TV show
  7. New Guaranteed Bingo Games

Ok, we’ll stop with the drool fest here for a bit. But seriously, we can’t help get all excited about the Wonder Bingo community. To be honest, the only constructive criticism we have is that Wonder Bingo’s features might be at times overwhelming for the average pay to bingo player. Though we love their features, some of them could have been slowly introduced while bingo players get used to their site.

Perhaps this bold site knows something we don’t – what ever their strategy, we honestly believe this could be the type of community online bingo has been missing and is a prime example to push the envelope with game designs, site design and engaging emotional game mechanics.

Social Gaming at its Best

The Social JackpotAt Bingo HQ, we’re huge fans of social game mechanics and no one does this better as of now than Wonder Bingo. One of the new and exclusive features recently launched is the Social Jackpot. Here’s how it works:

Watch the social gauge increase – the monthly social jackpot is contributed from all players combined XP (experience point) earned during the month. XP is earned from bingo cash wagers, Achievements, Gifting, and Levelling Up! The more XP contributed the bigger the Social Jackpot prize! Once its won, it refreshes backdown to zero.

  1. When you gain Experience Points (XP) at Wonder Bingo you are contributing to the overall increase of the Social Jackpot prize pool. Earn 1XP for every £0.01 cash wager made towards bingo or when you accomplish various achievements such as buying yourself gifts or making friends at Wonder Bingo. You also gain XP from Gifting and Leveling Up. All these cool ways to earn XP is the special rewards system that will contribute towards the increase of the monthly Social Jackpot game.
  2. The Social Jackpot game plays the first Monday of each month at 10pm paying out an accumulation of all players XP earned from the previous month. It’s an hour of guaranteed Jackpot games so plenty of chances to WIN! The Social Jackpot room is open to all depositing players only and tickets cost 5p each.
  3. When the Social Jackpot game has been won, it refreshes back down to zero and begins all over again. Every month the Social Jackpot games prize pool will vary dependant on the XP amount contributed from qualifying players. Watch the thermometer grow as more XP is contributed!

The Best Cashback Bonus in all of UK Bingo

A while back, Wink Bingo introduced their cash-back bonus special – since then a few brands have experimented with this valuable perk. However, the folks at Wonder Bingo from our research are currently giving away the most cash-back bonus perk.

You receive 25% of your CASH BACK every Friday @ 2pm  from all your bingo cash wagers made during the previous week from Friday to Thursday! More FUN and BINGO, all on the house!
The only catch, applies to 75 ball bingo games wagers and doesn’t apply to players who have a pending withdrawal – understandable.

Which Bingo site offers you a beautiful gaming experience along with unique features? At this time, only Wonder Bingo.

Plentiful Bingo Feature at WonderBingo 

If you tired of not winning enough times on other bingo sites, then you’ll welcome Wonder Bingo’s Plentiful Bingo room with open arms. You see, plentiful bingo is like normal bingo but once the first winner is called, more numbers will be called, until 20%+ of the players in the game are winners.

Wonder Bingo room

This is superb and only available at this time at Wonder Bingo. While other bingo sites try to compete with more free bonuses and bigger prizes, Wonder Bingo has found new and innovative ways to further reward and celebrate their members and provide them an exciting winning experience.

Multi  Tap Bingo Feature

Another first that Wonder Bingo has introduced is multi Tap bingo rooms – today, when we browse online, we can play jump between our favourite pages by a click of a button using in browser taps. Well, this feature is now available inside the Wonder Bingo rooms – where you can join up to three bingo rooms at the same.

This means, you don’t need to open multiple bingo rooms and annoying screens. You can simply jump back and froth between your three rooms and triple your fun and excitement.

Wonder Bingo Facebook

Perhaps one of the main reasons WonderBingo the pay to play bingo site has such unique social features is due to the fact that they first introduced the Wonder brand via a popular Facebook Bingo Games app.

The Wonder Bingo Facebook game was introduced in 2010 and soon became a hit amongst social gaming insiders. Although they’ve never reached the mass appeal as Bingo Blitz and Bingo Island, Wonder Bingo Facebook has about 20,000 monthly active players and with close to 5 stars rating from players.

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